Support and share your favourite artists, and find new ones

Cheers is an app that allows you to tip (or "Cheer") any musician or band in the world. You can Cheer any song or band, whether it's your all-time favorite, or just a song that you loved on the radio that you've never heard before. See what your friends are Cheering, discover new music and reward them for finding it.

How it works

It's as simple as using Cheers to identify a song or artist, choose an amount to tip and you're done. We then work hard to make sure that your tip gets to the artist. We take zero fees so 100% of your tip will go to the artist (minus any transaction fees). You can follow what your friends are Cheering and discovery new music.

1. Choose a song or artist

Search for an artist or let Cheers detect what song is playing

2. Choose your tip

Decide how much to tip, from as little as $0.20 to $2.

3. We get it to them

We get the tip to them using a combination of identification and authentication systems combined with community crowdsourcing.

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+ What is Bitcoin, and why does Cheers use it for payments?

Bitcoin is a new kind of global payment network and digital currency that is taking the world by storm. Bitcoin is perfect for Cheers for four reasons:

  • Bitcoin supports very small transactions. You can easily send $0.10 to someone across the world, which has never been possible before.
  • Bitcoin has very low transaction fees. This means when you tip someone $1, they get almost 100% of that money. In contrast, credit cards have a fee of around $0.3 + 3% of transaction, so more than 30% of a $1 payment would go to fees.
  • Sending Bitcoin to someone anywhere in the world is simple and fast. So whether you tip someone in the US, UK or Nepal, they can retrieve their tip in minutes, no hassle. In contrast, having to get a small tip to someone across the world in normal currency would take days, a lot of admin and cost a small fortune.
  • Every transaction in Bitcoin is publicly traceable. When you send a tip, we hold the Bitcoin in an address that you can see. You can verify that the money is only moved once the artist is signed up to Cheers and retrieves your tip. This keeps us accountable, and increases trust in the system.

If you'd like to learn more about Bitcoin watch this video or do some reading. If you want to get some Bitcoin, we recommend using Coinbase.

+ I don't know/have Bitcoin, can I just use my credit card?

Yes, credit cards will be supported. Although Bitcoin has many advantages over using credit cards, we will support many payment options. Our mission is to allow the world to send money to anyone, no matter what currency or method is used.

+ How can I trust Cheers with my money?

Security and accountability are two things we take very seriously. We do not host any wallet files or store credit cards, so your tips are safe and secure. You'll also be able to see the progress and whereabouts of your tips at any time, including the ability to withdraw a tip if we haven't yet got it to your recipient. We strive to build trust through keeping best practices and being open and transparent at every level.

+ Will artists have to sign up before I can tip them?

No! You will be able to tip any band, artist or individual in the world, no matter whether they are registered on Cheers. Once tipped, it's our job to get them signed up and transfer the tip to them.

+ What happens if Cheers can't get the money to the person I tip?

We will try everything in our power to get your tip to your recipient, and we are confident we will be able to do so. But if we aren't able to we will notify you and refund the full amount back to you. You will also be able to track the progress of your tip and withdraw it at any stage and we'll instantly get it back to you.

+ How is Cheers different to tipping services like Flattr, bitTip and changeTip?

Cheers is more than just a transaction - it's a way to connect, to share and to discover.

Cheers will be so much more than just tipping - we want it to be a search and social layer on top of Bitcoin (and payments) the same way Google and Twitter are search and social layers on top of the Internet. We want Cheers to be an intuitive, easy-to-use way to show appreciation to anyone or anything. Current tipping services are limited to small niche online communities, and sometimes require creators to set up buttons, which they often do not want to do. Cheers will be for everyone, a native app that just let's you do what you want - technology that gets out of the way - in a simple and beautiful interface for supporting those that make what you love.

+ I'm an artist, can I sign up?

Yes! Cheers doesn't require artists to have an account to allow their fans to tip them. But you will be able to sign up, giving you new ways to engage with your fans. You should sign up for our updates and Follow us on Twitter, and we'll let you know as soon as you can.

Team Member

Justin Womersley

Justin is a startup entrepreneur and engineer, and is currently studying his MS in Human-Computer Interaction at Stanford. After founding TravelGround, he fell in love with all things startup. He loves design & UX, and is fascinated by the possibilities that Bitcoin affords.

Team Member

Simon de la Rouviere

Simon is an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast and has contributed to various open source projects (payment channels & altcoins). When he is not coding, he is making music for "The Cypherfunks" (crowdfunding a global band through a cryptocurrency he launched), keeping an eye on & TwimeMachine, and doing public talks on cryptocurrencies. Currently based in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

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